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Full Members

Full membership of the GGLN is open to all South African non-profit organisations, public benefit organisations and academic institutions that have at least one core programme that focuses specifically on issues of good governance at the local level.

afesis corplanAfesis-corplan

Afesis-corplan is a non-governmental organisation that has contributed to community-driven development and good local governance in the Border-Kei (Amathole) region of the Eastern Cape since 1992.



Contact person: Nontando Ngamlana
Location: East London
Phone: +27 43 743 3830
Email: nontando@afesis.org.za
Website: www.afesis.org.za

black sash1

The Black Sash

The Black Sash is an independent, non-governmental human rights organisation that has worked tirelessly for justice and equality in South Africa for nearly 55 years. Since the end of Apartheid in 1994, the Black Sash has focused on the promotion and protection of South Africa's hard-won freedoms, particularly in the areas of social and economic rights.



Contact person: Lynette Maart
Location: Cape Town
Phone: +27 21 461 7804
Email: lynette@blacksash.org.za
Website: www.blacksash.org.za

besg1Built Environment Support Group (BESG)

BESG aspires to support the poor and vulnerable to access resources and increasingly gain control over their lives and destinies. It does so by promoting sustainable livelihoods and habitable environments, the attainment of basic socio-economic rights and capacitating local government. BESG has two core programmes that support its mission which promote sustainable human settlements and participatory democracy.


Contact person: Cameron Brisbane
Location: Pietermaritzburg
Phone: (+27)33 394 4980
Email: cameron@besg.co.za
Website: www.besg.co.za

corc1Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC)

CORC operates as a nucleus for professionals and grassroots activists providing support to networks of urban and rural poor communities. It does so by offering interventions designed to enable these communities to learn from one another and create solidarity and unity in order to be able to broker deals with formal institutions, especially the State.


Contact person: Yolande Hendler
Location: Cape Town
Phone: +27 (0)21 689 9408
Email: documentation@corc.co.za
Website: www.sasdialliance.org.za

ddp1Democracy Development Programme (DDP)

The DDP was initiated in 1993 as a partner project of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Germany. Since then it has operated as a non-partisan, non-profit organisation which supports capacity building on governance and civil society levels as a means to ensure that both are empowered for meaningful participation in South Africa's social transformation.


Contact person: Dr Rama Naidu
Location: Durban
Phone: +27 31 304 9305
Email: ddp@ddpdurban.org.za
Website: www.ddp.org.za

dag1Development Action Group (DAG)

DAG is a leading non-profit organisation working throughout South Africa to fight poverty and promote integrated urban environments. DAG has an established and successful track record in land negotiation and acquisition processes, in-situ upgrading, and the implementation of community-led housing developments.


Contact person: Helen Macgregor Rourke
Location: Cape Town
Phone: +27 (0)21 448 7886
Email: helen@dag.org.za
Website: www.dag.org.za

doi1Dullah Omar Institute

Through engaged research, teaching and advocacy, the Dullah Omar Institute supports processes in South Africa and the region to build inclusive, resilient states that are accountable to citizens and responsive to human rights. It aims to be the leading think tank on multi-level governance and human rights in Africa.


Contact person: Debbie Gordon
Location: Cape Town
Phone: (+27)21 959 2950
Email: dlgordon@uwc.ac.za
Website: www.dullahomarinstitute.org.za

habitat1Habitat for Humanity South Africa

Founded in 1996 in South Africa, Habitat for Humanity South Africa is part of Humanity International. Entirely self-funded, they believe that providing adequate and affordable shelter is the best way to fight poverty. They use holistic interventions that partner with home partners and stakeholders to build communities in which the members play leading roles in their own development.


Contact person: Magriet du Preez
Location: Cape Town
Phone: (+27)21 657 5640
Email: magrietdp@habitat.org.za
Website: www.habitat.org.za

ikhaya1Ikhayalami Development Services

Established in 2006, Ikhayalami aims to develop and implement affordable technical solutions for Informal Settlement Upgrading. Premised on the realization that informality is part of the modern urban fabric, technical solutions are designed to be imbedded into a community-driven process and scaled up with the support of the State. Areas of focus include: research and development, upgrading of shelters, and infrastructural development, amongst others.


Contact person: Andy Bolnick
Location: Cape Town
Phone: (+27)21 387 7958
Email: andy@ikhayalami.org
Website: www.ikhayalami.org

isandla1Isandla Institute

Isandla Institute's mission is to act as a public interest think-tank with a primary focus on fostering just, equitable and democratic urban settlements. This is enhanced through innovative research and advocacy interventions.


Contact person: Mirjam van Donk (Director)
Location: Cape Town
Phone: 021 683 7903
Email: mirjam@isandla.org.za
Website: www.isandla.org.za

pmg1Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG)

Established in 1995, PMG was formulated as a partnership between Black Sash, the Human Rights Committee and Idasa with the aim of providing an openly available public record of committee proceedings. This resource is utilised by civil society to lobby the Parliament of South Africa on legislation, democratic processes and parliamentary oversight of the executive.


Contact person: Gaile Fullard (Executive Director)
Location: Cape Town
Phone: (+27)21 465 8885
Email: info@pmg.org.za
Website: www.pmg.org.za

pep1People’s Environmental Planning (PEP)

PEP work towards the creation of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements through community centred, incremental housing and upgrading programmes. PEP’s vision is rooted in pragmatic, on the ground implementation and delivery.


Contact person: Shawn Cuff (Director)
Location: Cape Town
Phone: (+27)21 689 8567
Email: shawnc@netactive.co.za
Website: www.pep.org.za


Planact is committed to local development for the poor as implemented within an integrated framework. Working mainly in the urban areas of Gauteng, Planact aims to contribute strategic interventions in the areas of local government transformation, and community development that promotes social development. This is activated by networking with like-minded organisations, conducting training, providing technical advice and assistance, and conducting research and advocacy for policy interventions.


Contact person: Michael Makwela
Location: Johannesburg
Phone: (+27)11 403 6291
Email: mike@planact.org.za
Website: www.planact.org.za

seri1The Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa (SERI)

SERI provides professional, dedicated and expert socio-economic rights assistance to individuals, communities and social movements in South Africa. SERI conducts research, engages with government, advocates for policy and legal reform, facilitates civil society coordination and mobilisation, and litigates in the public interest. Thematic areas of interest include housing and evictions, basic services and migrant rights.


Contact person: Edward Molopi
Location: Johannesburg
Phone: (+27)11 356 5860
Email: edward@seri-sa.org
Website: www.seri-sa.org

tcoe1Trust for Community Outreach and Education (TCOE)

TCOE is a national organisation operating in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Limpopo Provinces. Focused on land rights, land access and land use, TCOE interventions focus on: Land and agrarian reform, local government and food sovereignty. TCOE facilitates self-organisation and builds the membership organisation of small farmers and producers. It also helps create Restitution Forums and Land Rights Committees.


Contact person: Boyce Tom
Location: Cape Town
Phone: (+27)21 685 3033
Email: boyce@tcoe.org.za
Website: www.tcoe.org.za


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