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Event Documents

Reports on a number of past learning events are stored here.

Good Governance Surveys

Over the past few years, Afesis-corplan, in partnership with PCRD and independent researchers, has been undertaking surveys of good governance in various municipalities across South Africa. Initial studies focused on local municipalities as both the entry points as well as the units of analysis. In 2006, some changes were introduced in the survey methodology. These changes were necessitated partly by the need to effect a more productive follow-up process that would lead to purposeful interventions in areas where gaps had been identified. A decision was therefore made to the effect that, henceforth, district municipalities (DMs) would be the entry points to the local municipalities (LMs) under their jurisdiction. This meant that the DMs would in turn be viewed as core partners, stakeholders to the process and the commissioning agents for the GGS and would also share the responsibility of following through the recommendations to ensure that they were implemented in consultation with their LM counterparts.

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HIV/AIDS, Local Government and Human Settlements Planning

The report and presentations from the GGLN Learning Event on HIV/AIDS, Local Government and Human Settlements Planning are available here.

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Community experiences of Integrated Development Planning

Planact hosted a GGLN regional learning event on the 11 August 2007 to provide communities with an opportunity to reflect critically on the IDP processes by sharing their experiences and to make recommendations to improve the process.

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Integrated Development Planning and Community Engagement

The Democracy Development Programme (DDP), in collaboration with two other GGLN members, the Centre for Public Participation (CPP) and Fairshare, hosted a learning event on the theme of "The IDP Review Process and Community Engagement." The workshop was aimed at identifying and addressing crucial capacity issues within municipalities that would effectively facilitate community input. Best practices, challenges of IDP implementation as well as ways in which communities can interact with municipalities with regards to the review process were discussed.

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Municipal-Community Partnerships

On Thursday 29 November 2007 the Foundation for Contemporary Research hosted a seminar on Municipal-Community Partnerships (MCPS) at the Huguenot Hall in Paarl.

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