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VIDEO ~ Upgrading lives in Cape Town informal settlements

The Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC) is proud to announce its production of a 15 minute video about the dynamics of community-led informal settlement upgrading with Thomson Reuters Foundation.

In Cape Town, the slums of Flamingo Crescent and Santini are just 20 kilometers apart but the gap in the standard of living in these two settlements reflects how residents can actively upgrade their own lives. Shanty towns are a familiar sight across the picturesque coastal city, with a third of Cape Town's 3.7 million residents living in slums or informal settlements with limited access to basic services, such as water, electricity and toilets. Urbanisation is increasing with villagers flooding daily to South Africa's second biggest city to find jobs and better lives, increasing pressure for housing and expanding slums.

Following the stories of two informal settlement communities affiliated to the Informal Settlement Network (ISN), the video covers a community who successfully mananaged to implement upgrading with their municipality, as well as one in which multiple challenges brought upgrading to a stand still.

 To view the full story published on the platform click here.

To view the video on the platform click here.


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