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The State of Local Governance (SoLG) forms the cornerstone publication of the Good Governance Learning Network. Since 2008, nine SoLG publications have been produced by the network and have provided regular commentaries on the state of local governance in South Africa. These are now available to the public for download!

Acting as a means to present a civil society based assessment of the key challenges, debates and areas of progress with regards to governance and development at the local level in South Africa, the publication has also served to build awareness of, and mobilise support within civil society and appropriate government institutions for key advocacy positioning of the network.

 Aiming at an audience of local government policy-makers and practitioners, the resource offers practical recommendations to improve policy, guidelines, systems and interventions where necessary, and are based on a sound analysis of the context and an assessment of the challenges and opportunities for improvements.

Publications are currently available on the GGLN Website and include: 

  • Navigating Accountability and Collaboration in Local Governance (2017)
  • (Re)Claiming Local Democratic Space (2016)
  • In Pursuit of Responsible and Responsive Local Government (2015)
  • Community Resilience and Vulnerability in South Africa (2014)
  •  Active Citizenship Matters (2013)
  • Putting Participation at the Heart of Development//Putting Development at the Heart of Participation (2012)
  • Recognising Community Voice and Dissatisfaction (2011)
  • Ethical Leadership and Political Culture in Local Government (2010), and
  • Local Democracy in Action: A Civil Society Perspective on Local Governance in South Africa (2008).



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Sharing the common goal of promoting participatory, effective, accountable and pro-poor local governance, the network strives to provide an interface for civil society organisations to network and share information towards strengthening local democracy in South Africa.