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The Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC) is proud to announce its production of a 15 minute video about the dynamics of community-led informal settlement upgrading with Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The Socio-economic Rights Institute of South Africa (SERI) has developed a set of legal and practical guidelines to assist those involved in the relocation process to navigate the complexities involved in planning for and carrying out a relocation. 

Municipal debt to Eskom currently stands between an impressive nine and ten billion Rands. In June 2017, during a briefing to Parliament, Members were told that Eskom had made payment arrangements with altogether 62 indebted municipalities.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 12:00

The Empowershack Project

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The Empowershack project is a collaborative design and build project coordinated between the community of BT Section, Site C Khayeltisha and Ikhayalami in partnership with ETH Zurich. The aim of the project is to take re-blocking to a whole new level – spatially by going vertical and with a commitment to creating permanent footprints - in line with a concept termed incremental to compliance.

How can daily saving help to generate income? The experiences of FEDUP’s urban poor women offer tangible answers. This story is told by Nontombi who lives in Samora informal settlement, Philippi, Cape Town. 

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