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Community Law Centre research on local government powers and functions

The Local Government Project at the Community Law Centre (University of the Western Cape) has completed a research project on options for the reconfiguration of local government in South Africa in order to achieve a rational model for improved service delivery and development.

The project, which GGLN co-sponsored along with a number of other agencies, interrogates the current powers and functions of local government and argues that those functions which have the most immediate developmental impact on citizens should be performed by municipalities. A few "high impact" functions are focussed on, namely housing, transport, land use planning and local economic development. The project also looked specifically at the roles district municipalities should play in local governance and development, as well as what form local government in major urban areas should take in order to adequately address the twin challenges of urbanization - economic growth and poverty eradication. 

The findings of the project are contained in three research papers:

Paper I: Developmental Local Government: Determining Appropriate Functions and Powers
Paper II: Redefining the Role and Application of District Municipalities
Paper III: Single-tier Local Government for Major Urban Areas

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