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GGLN Launches 2013 edition of State of Local Governance Publication

On 14 March 2013 the GGLN launched the fifth edition of its annual publication, the State of Local Governance i.e. Active Citizenship Matters. The 2013 publication is a compilation of research studies which highlight critical examples of active citizenship at grassroots level. The aim of the publication is to explore the notion of active citizenship in South Africa's current political and socio-economic context. The theme also acknowledges the critical role of an active citizenry to realize the goals as outlined in the National Development Plan commissioned in 2012. The launch, which took place at the Winchester Mansions in Sea Point, Cape Town, was attended by Dr. Bridgete Gasa from the National Planning Commission who addressed the audience as keynote speaker of the day. Dr. Gasa officially accepted the publication as perspectives from civil society in local governance about a subject that is critical for SA and the global community. She acknowledged the critical role of civil society as thinktanks and challenged the network to continue its work in order to unpack the relevant challenges which touch on healthy governance. The launch was attended by representatives from critical sectors i.e. local government officials, SALGA, AGSA and the donor community. The authors of the nine papers which make up the publication presented their theories which was followed by a lively debate & discussion on the various topics of the day. Please see the Home page for a link to an electronic copy of the publication. GGLN Secretariat - April 2013

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