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GGLN learning exchange to Argentina

Imraan Buccus, research manager at the Centre for Public Participation (CPP), recently returned from a GGLN-sponsored visit to the Centre for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

CIPPEC is a non-profit organization striving to create an active civil society, and a democratic and efficient State in Argentina, in order to improve the quality of life of its citizens.
During his visit, Imraan examined how civil society participates in poverty alleviation programmes, particularly in the area of policy. The trip involved site visits to poor communities, civil society organisations and a joint seminar with CIPPEC.
A report on Imraan's trip will shortly be available and will include a reflection on how the developmental path of Argentina differs from that of South Africa, arguing that it has led to Arengtina being able to draw back on poverty and unemployment.

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