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GGLN Statement: The Mvula Trust

In May 2013 the GGLN Reference Group took the unprecedented step of suspending The Mvula Trust’s membership of the GGLN. This follows the allegations of tender irregularities levelled against the organisation, and the formal investigation initiated by the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, which underlines the severity of the allegations.


The GGLN is underpinned by a core set of values to which all members are fully committed. These values include a strong commitment to participatory and pro-poor governance underlined by transparency, accountability and integrity through constructive engagement with government and other stakeholders. Since its inception the GGLN has been pro-active in the pursuit of its objectives by contributing to and at times steering critical dialogues in the sector. The network has a strong footprint in the local governance sector and has managed to build valuable relationships with other stakeholders in the sector.


While the allegations of tender irregularities have been refuted by The Mvula Trust, and mindful that the official investigation is yet to conclude its course, the GGLN is not in a position to overlook the severity of the allegations especially since it is in direct contravention of the GGLN principles to which all members are held. The GGLN had given The Mvula Trust an opportunity to clarify its position before formalising the suspension, but unfortunately it failed to do so.


The suspension of The Mvula Trust’s membership will be reviewed once the formal investigation been concluded and the leadership of The Mvula Trust has satisfied the GGLN that it has put in place appropriate corrective measures in accordance with the findings of the investigation, should this be deemed necessary.


The GGLN values The Mvula Trust’s contribution to the sector. Hence, we keenly anticipate the opportunity to reactivate the full membership status of the organisation.


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