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IDASA closes its doors after 27 years

The GGLN is deeply saddened by the news of the closure of Idasa, which recently closed its doors after 27 years in the governance sector.


 Idasa, founded by Alex Boraine and Frederik van Zyl Slabbert in 1986, was undoubtedly a pioneer in its field in the civil society sector. The organisation facilitated dialogue between critical stakeholders during the most tense periods of the apartheid era, when negotiations were sensitive and shaped the nature of South Africa’ s political transition.


Idasa was also a critical voice during some of the most definitive chapters in the early stages of the South African democracy. In addition to the analytical scope its work provided, Idasa was a valuable source of guidance and capacity building for the local governance sector.


Idasa has been an active member of the GGLN for almost a decade. The recent challenges that beset the organisation and ultimately led to its demise, while in some respects unique to Idasa, are similarly felt by other member organisations of the GGLN.  Pertinently, the lack of value attributed to the local governance NGO sector and its collective practice by the South African government, the international donor community and domestic philanthropic organisations is particularly worrying.


Whilst we express our appreciation for Idasa’s invaluable contribution to the development of the South African democracy, the GGLN as a civil society network in the governance sector strives to draw the lessons to be learned from this difficult chapter. We trust that, in the not too distant future, the Board of Idasa will take time to reflect and share lessons with the rest of the sector so that we may draw valuable insights and strength from their experience.


The GGLN will pay tribute to Idasa in the April 2013 edition of the network’s newsletter.

Please see formal IDASA statement here:  resolveuid/f87f6788d9bda86ec821b21539142689 


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