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Learning event on Good Governance Surveys

On the 29th of June, Afesis-corplan co-hosted a GGLN-sponsored learning event with the Project for Conflict Resolution and Development (PCRD).

The event, which also had participants from Rhodes University and the University of Fort Hare, dwelt on recent Good Governance Surveys (GGS) conducted by the two GGLN member organizations in Nkangala and Cacadu District Municipalities, respectively. The two reports emanating from the two district municipalities (DMs) had a number of positive indications of progressive governance practices in the municipalities under review. For instance, the majority of the respondents were aware of the existence of ward committees as forums for community participation. However, on the downside, there were indications that a significant number of people felt that these structures were yet to become fully effective in the execution of their mandates. Additionally, there were concerns raised over indifferent service delivery as well as cases of financial impropriety and nepotism within the councils. The final report on the Nkangala DM GGS can be dowloaded here.
Meanwhile, Afesis-corplan, in partnership with the PCRD, the GTZ and the Cacadu District Municipality have embarked on a new round of surveys covering 5 local municipalities  across the district municipality. Trained research teams have been implementing the GGS with just over 2000 respondents from among members of the public as well as council officials and councillors. Data collection ends on the 27th of July. The entire project stretches up to November when the individual local municipality reports and a consolidated one for the DM are set to be completed following data analysis and focus group interviews. Further details about the research can be obtained from Afesis-corplan.
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