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Planact to enhance public participation in Orlando 2010 Legacy Projects

Orlando, a township within Greater Soweto in the City of Johannesburg, is the site for Orlando Stadium, earmarked as a practice stadium during the 2010 World Cup event. The major initiatives taking place in Orlando include the upgrading of Orlando stadium, and associated infrastructure improvements, along with a backyard shack upgrading project.

Orlando’s ward councilor, who is a member of the Mayoral Committee heading the Planning and Development portfolio, approached Planact to facilitate community participation in relation to these developments. The goal would be to ensure that investments toward the 2010 World Cup would achieve lasting benefits for the local community beyond 2010.  The development of credible ward-based plans and creating understanding within the community of municipal planning concepts and processes would be a focus for Planact’s efforts.  The GGLN has helped to fund these efforts through its Innovation Fund.

Planact has already assisted in the establishment of a Community Forum, comprising all three ward councillors, NGOs, CBOs, political parties, youth formations, backyard dwellers, traders and womens groups.  A workshop was recently held in which community groups got to hear about current plans first-hand, and a follow-up planning workshop is planned for the 16 August 2008.  The following departments have been invited to participate in the workshop: LED, Safety and Security, 2010 LOC unit and the 20 Priority Townships Unit. The purpose of the workshop is to develop a vision for the Orlando community beyond the 2010 event.

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