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State of Local Government Review Workshop

Members of the GGLN met on 11 June 2007 in Cape Town to work on the GGLN's flagship research project, the State of Local Government Review.

The aim of the three-year research and advocacy project to produce an annual civil society-based assessment of the key challenges, debates and areas of progress with regard to local governance and development in South Africa, and to provide local government policy-makers and practitioners with practical recommendations to improve policy, guidelines, systems and interventions where necessary. The review will also be used to build awareness of, and mobilise support within civil society and appropriate government institutions for the key advocacy positions of the GGLN. Through the member organisations of the GGLN, the project will involve extensive consultation with communities and representatives of civil society to collect information and experiences and to verify the findings of the research. The research will culminate each year in the production and dissemination of a GGLN report on the state of local government in South Africa.

The project kicked off in April 2007 with workshops in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban to introduce members in each of these three regions to the project and to gather initial input on the conceptual framework and methodology for the project.

The meeting on the 11th June brought together most of the GGLN full member organisations to discuss and give further input into the conceptual framework for the annual review. The first report of the project is scheduled for release in August 2007.

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