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Towards municipal transparency: advancing pro-poor information dissemination

Afesis-corplan and the Project for Conflict Resolution and Development (PCRD) are organising a regional learning event on improving pro-poor information dissemination by municipalities.

Current municipal dissemination of information trends have shown that municipalities have not put a great deal of effort to ensure that the poor have access to vital information. In most cases municipalities do not have information dissemination strategies that consider the disempowerment of communities by apartheid. They seem to communicate above the majority of service consumers/residents who still cannot read and write.

The learning event will strive to find ways on how pro-poor information will be disseminated effectively to previously disadvantaged communities.

Participants at the learning event
1. GGLN members
2. Eastern Cape NGO Coalition members 
3. Broader civil society, NGOs   
4. Municipal Officials - Nelson Mandela Metro/Buffalo City Municipality
5. Blue Crane Route Ward Committee members
6. Academics – Rhodes University (PSAM)/ University of Fort Hare

Event to be held on the 15th August 2008 at the Health Resource Centre, Cheltenham Road, Amalinda, East London.

Contact person: Bonginkosi Masiwa at Afesis-corplan


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