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December 2010

Let's see the real value in RDP Houses

Do RDP houses provide a real increase in opportunities for improving socio-economic conditions of beneficiaries? Kate Tissington from SERI and other colleagues in the built environment sector reflect on this.

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World Habitat Day

Daniel Bailey summarises the discussions of an event hosted by BESG to celebrate World Habitat Day

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Building resilient human settlements in a time of HIV/AIDS

Stacey-Leigh Joseph highlights lessons from the recently completed Isandla Institute project in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (NMBM) Municipality aimed at assisting the Housing and Land Department in the municipality to understand the links between HIV/AIDS and human settlements.

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Invitation from to join a task team to track the implementation of the APRM in South Africa

CPS, would like to invite you and your organisation to play a role in monitoring South Africa’s progress in implementing the commitments it has made as part of this process.

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The root of service delivery protests

Cameron Brisbane provides a response to comments made by Deputy Minister Yunus Carrim on service delivery protests

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GGLN Roundtable: Withholding of rates by ratepayers in five local municipalities

On 12 November 2010 the Community Law Centre(CLC) together with GTZ and SALGA hosted a roundtable to discuss the findings of a research report by CLC on the withholding of rates by ratepayers in local municipalities. Annette May provides insights into the discussions.

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The damaging assumptions

David Schmidt reflects on 10 years of local democracy.

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Talking to Lechesa Tsenoli

Sarah Hetherington speaks to Lechesa Tsenoli about the progress and challenges in local government over the last 10 years.

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